Paris Fashion Week Backstage: Couture Vibes Georges Hobeika

Paris Fashion Week Backstage: Couture Vibes Georges Hobeika

 Paris sews your heart with a golden needle. These streets have diamond dust and i´m not shy of a spark. All my Parisian memories are hidden behind lace walls and protected with a leather jacket. I heard them talking to your eyes while going trough your ties. This city wears black and white and hits you with a very light. I will be there soon to dance to your happy tune. How do you feel around your love?

Georges Hobeika is from Lebanon. A country in the Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Israel and Syria. The capital of the country is Beirut. Elie Saab is also Lebanese. Both show in Paris; both live in another dimension and both own a star dust pencil.  We shouldn´t compare designers but this is like the Champions League. Let´s say it´s like a match between Real Madrid and PSG, in the Parc des Princes, where everyone scores and dances to Ai Se Eu Tu Pego the  as Neymar and David Luiz.  

The Lebanese are very “touchy-feely”. Direct eye contact with a lot of physical contact is the cornerstones of Lebanese communication. If you are from a culture where eye contact is less direct and contact not so prevalent, this may feel uncomfortable. I always sit next to lovely people. I met this amazing lady that started talking to me in Arabic because she literally thought i was also Lebanese. Non Madame, i´m not Lebanese and definitely not Armenian. I get that a lot but please don´t say that out loud in order not to wake up the Kardashians.

Lebanon is a religious mish-mash and this has ultimately been the cause behind social tensions and the long, drawn out civil war. The government officially recognizes 18 religious sects of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The Fashion Gods can´t imagine anyone getting in a fight while wearing these dresses. By the way, i would talk about these mermaid dresses but i figure there is no need for that.  

Love, PT

Alta Costura em Alta

Grandes preparativos e uma carta de amor a Paris de Giambattista Valli. Uma coleção de Haute-Couture, com uma nota de agradecimento do estilista italiano à cidade. Sempre rodeado por flores, desta vez inspirou-se nos jardins de Paris onde imaginou as três irmãs de Napoleão Bonaparte, com silhuetas imperiais.

Atelier Versace em versão “sporty chic”. Donatella Versace apostou na alta costura atlética pintada de branco e com toques florescentes. Uma gama de vestidos de noite, drapeados ou colados ao corpo. Tudo muito justo. Tudo tipicamente Versace.

Raf Simons deixou a Dior, em outubro do ano passado, e o espetáculo teve de continuar. Assim foi. As expectativas para esta coleção eram elevadas, uma coleção entregue a Serge Ruffieux e Lucie Meir – dois criativos que conhecem os corredores da casa Dior há muito tempo.

A marca franco-turca Dice Kayek aparece sonhadora e dentro de um conto de fadas. Edgé Egé apresentou a coleção de alta costura em Paris, no Museu de Artes Decorativas. Árvores sombrias e um cenário escuro criaram a sensação de uma floresta encantada, para a primavera/verão 2016.

“Coleção de alta costura de Georges Hobeika: vestidos feitos à mão com o “savoir-faire” do estilista libanês e com agulha de ouro. Paris rendeu-se aos brilhos de Hobeika.

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 Georges Hobeika Couture Collection for Spring-Summer 2016


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